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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  April 4, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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back in l.a. to complete and fill that void. it could. they could get a comedian that loves being in los angeles. >> maybe a gal. you never know. a nischelle. thank you so much. a microphone and a robot join the hunt for flight 370 as the search goes under water. could they succeed where the satellites, planes and ships have failed? >> it is official, prit vthe pr sector recovered all the jobs lost in the market. >> new details on the soldier that opened fire at fort. hood killing three. those that knew him speaking out. could that shed light on his
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motive? hello, there, everyone. i'm john berman. i am michaela pereira. it is 11:00 out east and 8:00 a.m. where you are. >> i am already in trouble. we are four weeks in after malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared. the search turns in another direction, below the surface. crews have dropped a pinger locator in the water. it is trying to pick up the chirps from the missing jet's flight data recorders. it canic p up sound from two nautical miles away. even if the boxes are 20,000 feet under the water. the technology should detect the pings. >> this, of course, all assuming tho tha tho that those beacons are emitting any signals at all. the batteries could be dead. there is also an underwater robot getting ready to go. it will search the seabed for wreckage if the ping locator
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picks up any signals. the crews can only guess where the plane might have hit the water. the equipment could be going in the wrong direction for all we know. searchers taking a shot in the dark and in the deep. >> the best area of highest probability as to where the aircraft might have entered the water is the area where the underwater search will commence. it is on the basis of data that only arrived recently. >> above the is yours fa, 14 aircraft and nine ships have been patrolling the search zone. let's bring in paula newton in perth, australia. we now know the pinger locators are listening under water. i suppose this is giving search searchers a little bit of hope. >> reporter: hope. they are hoping for luck. they say it will take a lot of it to find them. they have a lot of confidence in that equipment.
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it is very sensitive. the weather is good. it does make a difference. the terrain, not that difficult. it is not steep. they say it should. if the pingers are there, if the black boxes are there, they will hear them. at the same time, you are talking about 150 miles. that's not bad. they will continue to be scanning this area and if they don't find anything, others. they will add 10-12 days. a good question as to whether or not those pingers will be emitting any kind of a sound. no one can know that in advance. they are going to give it a shot. that is progress in this investigation when all they have been doing is looking on the surface and not finding anything of note. they are hopeful going below the surface will yield some results. >> no one watching this more closely than the families of the people on board flight 370. we are now hearing from the wife of one of the passengers there. how is she holding up? >> reporter: she is extraordinary. so strong. she has two little boys around
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her in the house and she is really saying she is trying to keep strong for them. her husband, paul weeks, an engineer on that flight, on the way to mongolia. she is stunned by how close this search has come to her home. she only lives ten minutes from this base. she can hear the search planes taking off in the mornings. she says she is very confident at this point that if there is something there, they will find it. take a listen. >> i have all confidence in the search. if it is there, they will find it but are they in the right place? it is all calculations. it is all guess work. there is science behind it obviously but all they have are some pings to go on. just as a general, normal person or household wife here in perth, i just assumed obviously wrongly, that they always knew where planes were. i thought that just went without thinking about it.
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>> so much at stake for her and her family during this search. her questions are just like yours and mine. are they searching in the right place? that's still something that nags her every hour. >> we are going to talk more about that ahead. it is such an important question. paula newton in perth. remarkable to hear the strength of that woman still four weeks into this search. >> even what she said about, we've always assumed that we knew that planes were easily located wherever they were, wherever they travel. i think we all falsely believed that the jobs hit a milestone as the private sector finally recovered all the jobs lost in the 2008 financial crisis according to the new jobs report. it says the u.s. economy added 192,000 jobs last month. no change in the unemployment rate, 6.7%. the job gains came entirely from the private sector as government
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jobs were flat. the dow and s&p 500 open at record highs following that report. >> some severe weather to tell you about. you may be experiencing it, cars, trees, and hundreds of homes are no match. rain and hail the size of basebal baseballs slamming cities across the central u.s. causing severe damage. no known fatalities. that severe weather is headed east. the national weather service warns of dangerous thunderstorms and winds extending from the gulf coast up to the ohio valley. >> i have a tragic story to tell you about. two "associated press" journalists were shot in afghanistan. one of them fatally. the women were in their car traveling with a convoy of election workers. an afghan police officer opened fire and then surrendered. he anja need niedrinhaus was killed
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instantly and their jobs were crucial and how dangerous those jobs are. >> both fellow journalists. authorities are trying to piece together what may have led an army specialist to open fire killing three before taking his own life. we are learning that evan lopez may have argued with someone before the shooting. he had a history of depression and anxiety. lopez was being evaluated for possible post-traumatic stress. we will have a live report ahead back to the search for flight 370. searchers looking under water. an australian navy ship, the ocean shield, is dragging along a towed pinger locator in the hope of hearing pings that would lead them to the flight data recorder. >> let's break down what it does. it can detect pings from two nautical miles away. it is towed at very slow speeds.
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it can go as deep as 20,000 feet, which is beyond the necessity in this search area. i think the biggest is about 13,000 feet. apparently, the censor looks a bit like a yellow stingray. jeff weiise is here with us tod. good to have you with us. we talked about its capabilities and what it can do. it also has some limitation. >> it goes very slowly. you are committing an entire ship to this search. the ship is pulling this thing behind it. it is like mowing the lawn. you have to go back and forth and back and forth and eliminate what part of the seabed it might be on. there is a big "if," if the pinger is working. in the case of air france 447, the pinger turned out not to be working. they searched the area and didn't find anything. they excluded that area and had to go back later and revise their assumptions.
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>> the tpl. >> they had this bluefin autonomous underwater vehicle. what can the bluefins do? >> these can do something. the vehicle itself could be equipped with either acoustic locator or a side scan sonar which is basically underwater radar. you can mow the lawn, go back and forth listening or scanning the seabed creating where bats can see where there are pings. you can paint a picture of the bottom of the ocean. >> it is almost like mapping the ocean floor. if the pinger is not working, that's how you are going to find the plane, by going down and imaging. >> we are on day 28. the worst case scenario, two days left. best case scenario, 45 days left if the pinger beacons are still working. that tool will be helpful if those pingers are not emitting
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sounds. >> if we don't find wreckage or hear the pinger, it is going to come down to this truly herculean task. >> this is a huge arc. on the scale of that. >> we are going to talk a lot more about this. we have serious questions about whether this is feasible, practical, advisable. jeff wi. se. don't forget to look us up on facebook at this hour. ahead at this hour -- the search for flight 370 is being based on educated guess work, guess work. is that accurate enough at this point? 28 days in. that's next. why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate. the conditions in new york state are great for business. new york is ranked #2 in the nation for new private sector job creation.
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you said it is the best we can do. to be blunt, are you hoping to get lucky? >> yes, we are. the area, still hundreds of miles big. we fly every day. our p-8 and p-3s. we have flown 300,000 square nautical miles of coverage, until we get conclusive evidence of debris, it is just a guess. >> just a guess. hoping to get lucky at this point. the search for flight 370 its really now just based on educated guess work. that's commander william marks, whom i spoke with overnight. an interesting discussion. >> it really is. searchers are in a race against time to find the flight data recorders before the pinger
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dies. >> mary and mark are here. good to have you. let's talk about that. we are four weeks in. major command der marks, rather, is one of the major players involved. he is saying that what we do have to go on is light. that's all we have to go on. do we have to manage our expectations on what is realistic. >> we do. i think it was lefty gomez of the yankees that said, he would rather be lucky than good. >> some of the researchers and australians are feeling that way. the good part comes in from all the data and the research. it is half full, half empty. without those satellites, whose job it wasn't to find the plane but they did the job anyway. with calculations and satellites, they truly would have nothing. so they have the educated high
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poth cease. they are going to need some luck. it is a very big area to search. if the thought is that the plane did not break up into literally thousands of pieces and is a big item on the floor of the ocean, then, even without the pinger, the side scan sonar will have a much better chance of finding it. >> hey, what about what mary is saying right there? what if the plane didn't break up? how likely to you think that is. how would that have to transpire and what are the implications? >> this is such an unusual case. i can't recall any case where a plane as large as a 777 has impacted the water and remained in such good shape that there is no -- you have 400 seats that are also flotation devices and galley carts should be floating around. >> if it broke up and fell out. >> it is not like a lightweight
8:17 am
thing. your talking about truly massive. one step down from a 747. you are talking about it hitting 100, 200 miles an hour at least. these things are not designed to withstand that. >> if it landed like sully landed on the hudson, would it sink intact? >> most likely not. the other thing to bear in mind is if we don't find any wreckage, we start to ask some fundamental questions. one of them, is it on the bottom intact? is there another explanation? really, the only reason we think it is on the southern arc and not the northern arc is because of this analysis done by inmarsat. they said it is more likely that the model of the southern arc was better than the model for the northern arc. there is an entire another set of scenarios. if you don't find debris, when a search area fails, you have to
8:18 am
go back to the original. >> get back with the computations and make sure they are doing it every day. >> jeff, mary, we have a lot more to ask you. the public has a lot more to ask you as well. please, tweet us your questions to mary and jeff. #370qs. on facebook at hour. families, couples, a family struggles to cope with the death of their loved one, a victim of the ft. hood shooting. we have a live report from a community reeling after another tragedy. (dad) just feather it out. that's right. (son) ok. feather it out. (dad) all right. that's ok. (dad) put it in second, put it in second. (dad) slow it down. put the clutch in, break it, break it. (dad) just like i showed you. dad, you didn't show me, you showed him. dad, he's gonna wreck the car! (dad) he's not gonna wreck the car. (dad) no fighting in the road, please. (dad) put your blinker on. (son) you didn't even give me a chance! (dad) ok. (mom vo) we got the new subaru because nothing could break our old one. (dad) ok. (son) what the heck? let go of my seat! (mom vo) i hope the same goes for my husband. (dad) you guys are doing a great job. seriously. (announcer) love a car that lasts.
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turning to the deadly rampage at ft. hood as that community grieves. we are learning more about those killed in this shooting. among them, sergeant first class danny ferguson, sergeant carlos rodriguez and sergeant timothy owens. >> 37-year-old owens worked at a counselor at the post. he was a husband and father of two xhern. as news broke of the shootings, his mother tried franticly to get in touch with her son. >> he didn't answer the phone. so i left a message on his phone, son, call me so i know if you're okay or not. well, never got no call from him. i thought, oh, god, please don't let it be. >> heartbreaking to hear that. she says her son just loved the army and had signed up for another six years. >> it is going to be the career. we are learning more about the shooter. army specialist, yvonne lopez.
8:23 am
investigators piecing together his past, including his military records and his struggles with military health. he may have had an argument with a soldier. we are getting information on what investigators have turned up in his house. psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, dr. gail saltz. >> why don't you bring us up to date. >> reporter: they are still looking through, the investigation is still on going. new information discovered from the home. we have information as far as the victims. there were 16 victims, people injured. three in critical condition. we know that those three have been upgraded to fair condition. the good news here, none of the 16 died from this shooting but, again, we do know that the three names of the people who were killed. again, those names, sergeant timothy owens, a counselor, as you mentioned here on post, sergeant danny ferguson,
8:24 am
according to cnn affiliate, wtsp and sergeant carlos "laini" rodriguez. we are hearing more. they are looking into the strong possibility that there had been some kind of altercation or verbal fight before the shootings. are we learning anything more about that? >> reporter: we do plan to ask that. we are looking for another news conference. we know there was a verbal altercation that took place before the shooting occurred that could play factor. keep if mind several other factors that they are looking into it. he is looking into his mental health treatment. looking into the medications he was taking. we know he was taking antidepressants. we know he was taking the drug ambien. a sleep medication. they are looking into all of that to understand how that might have played into it.
8:25 am
in the course of this investigation, gail, there has been this report that came out saying he was grieving the loss of a mother who had died of a heart attack. he was only issued a 24-hour pass to go to her funeral. he would have had to travel to puerto rico to be there. it was changed to two days. could something like that, when somebody is grieving have some of these issues. could that cause somebody to snap. >> it could cause someone to become very distressed. the loss of a parent can cause someone to be distressed. the frustration about being able to do what they feel they need to do could cause them to be very angry. do we see that as a cause of murder? no. i would say that would be highly unusual. most people in the military who are returning with depresion or ptsd. they are at a much greater risk of harming themselves. there is quite a high suicide
8:26 am
rate, which its very concerning and growing. committing a violent act against others is extremely rare. >> you use the word anger and frustration as a phrase i've heard before being used. angry depression. what is that? >> really, i think probably what is being referred to is there are different sthats can take before depression. we speak of agitated depression, a mix. they are anxious and depressed. particularly in menment you may see a high irritability as the main feature of depression. it is tough to diagnose depression in men. what they appear is angry. they may be irritable, verbally snan i snap ish and responding. they may have a tendency to get
8:27 am
into a fight when they are depressed and irritable. >> dr. gail saltz, thank you so much and thanks to george howell. more frustration for the flight 370 families. four weeks after the plane disappeared, we are going to tell you you what the malaysian government does not want them to hear. for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. but when we put something in the ground,
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>> welcome back. confusion and frustration on board for the families on flight 370. the roller coaster of emotion just took another turn. cnn has learned that authorities denied their request for recordings of communications between the cockpit and control tower. not even the pilot's families are going to get to hear these communications. >> sarah, we will start with you. what is the reasoning the families are being given that these recordings, they are not allowed to listen to them? they are being kept under wraps. >> the department of civil aviation tells them, it is a part of the ongoing investigation. we north finished. they are not going to hand those audio recorders over. interesting to note why the families are so frustrated. number one, they feel like all these discrepancies are
8:32 am
absolutely creating a trust deficit. they don't believe what they hear verbally from the authorities. they want to hear it and see the evidence for themselves. they have already released the actual transcripts. they just haven't released the audio recorders and some of the family members are saying, why aren't you releasing those recordings. you must be hiding something. the government says, no, this is part of the investigation. they may get to cease these eventually. there is interesting to note, so many things have changed. little details. basically, they have said, look, they have changed what they heard. the last communication from what they believe was the pilots. first, they insisted it was all right, good night. we all looked at the transcript. it turned out it was good night, malaysian 370. then, they talked about the co-pilot saying that. for many weeks they have said they think it was the co-pilot.
8:33 am
now, they are saying they are not sure. so the families again, that trust deaf sis growing. they simply feel like if they don't see it on paper or hear it for themselves, they simply can't believe it. the families have now seen it on paper. seemingly, nothing out of the ordinary in the transcript, granted, we got that transcript very late. it was contradictory to what we heard before. why do you think it is so important for these families to hear the words. >> they are looking for answers. it is to some degree of fantasy that they will hear something in the voice or see something that someone missed. somehow that will give them insight into what had happened. they are grieving. when you are grieving and you partially want to deny what has happened, you are looking for what is the story line that will say they are somewhere else. they are somewhere safe. >> we have seen such raw emotion
8:34 am
coming out of some of the briefings when they have been in front of the cameras and they picked up scene. it is interesting what sarah was saying, some of the families feel like something is being hidden from them. any absence of fact, our brain will start inventing all of these theories and para now as. >> it is completely understandable. it is more understandable today. let's face it, lots of countries are feeling questionable about their governments, about big institutions. are they being lied to? i think that's become with our global world, people hear about scandal and controversy and lies all over the world. so i think that feeds the idea. >> people are hearing the theories and questions and some of the families are seeing that. >> they are in a state of grief, which is somewhat an altered state of consciousness. they are exposed to complicated grief. it was a sudden, unexpected loss
8:35 am
without closure. >> it is understandable why they are so angry, even justifiable. this question 28 days in, is it productive for them in their healing process? >> you know, the old kubla ross, the stages of grief, denial and anger is one of them. it is not a great place to land and stay. you hope for them, they will be able to move on to acceptance, which is a place where they can then get on with their lives. staying in this angry, blame full. they want someone to blame. there is no one to blame. they are angry they are not hearing the tapes. they are angry they have lost their loved ones. they can't turn back. >> you hope they have that right kind of support. people progress through it differently. you don't need to be forced. >> everybody involved is in the same place. it depends on your psychological
8:36 am
background, how much tram uma y have had. >> great to have you here. >> don't forget, you can tweet us some questions. we are going to bring back our experts to talk about the ongoing search, the investigation, hasht#370qs. we learned today why michael schumacher's family and friends are not giving up hope.
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are trying to clean up. after multiple tornadoes touch down yesterday destroying cars and trees, no known fatalities. rain and hail slammed cities causing severe damage. speaking of baseball, was it wrong for mets second baseman, daniel murphy, to miss two games to be there for the birth of his first son. some people think so, including boomer esiason. he called out daniel murphy on his radio show saying the new father and his wife should have planned a c-section for when he wasn't playing. listen to what boomer first said. >> that's not me. i wouldn't have done that. i would have said c-section before the season starts. i need to be at opening day. this is what makes our money. this is how we are going to live our life. this is going to give my child every opportunity to be a success in life. i will be able to afford any college i want to send my kid to, because i'm a baseball player. >> this set off a firestorm to say the least.
8:41 am
>> oh, yeah, it did. >> comments like that. booker esiason took to the radio and apologized profusely, i mean, profusely. i do not think this conversation is over. major league baseball does allow players to miss three games. >> as they should. an update for you on formula one champ, michael schumacher. he was in a devastating ski accident just after christmas and has been in a medically-induced comb ma. the racing icon has moments of consciousness and is aweakening and making progress. the doctor says, the longer it goes on, the slimmer the chance of recovery. he hit his head on a rock while he was skiing in the french alps. another change in the works for late night television in case you have been living under a rock. let me be the first to tell you, "david letterman" is retiring. the 66-year-old television legend didn't say when he would
8:42 am
step down, only it will be some time next year. no word on who will take that spot. >> end of an era. >> it is. in other television news, meet ryan nurse, be very nice to him. he tells his physical chief cannabis correspondent. they hired the author/journalist to cover pots growing market. i like the idea he is the chief cannabis correspondent. >> and who thought all the good jobs were taken a sad reality. some farm workers cannot afford to buy fruits and vegetables that are all around him. >> this week's cnn heroes chooses to live in one of california's most controversial communities and bringing health and wellness to the people that most need it.
8:43 am
>> reporter: pixley is a small community located in central california. we are in this agricultural rich area. yet, people who live here and work here are hungry, are impoverished, some are working in the fields that feed the entire country and they don't have the resources to support them in their health. it is heartbreaking. i can't just watch that and not wonder, is there something more that we could do? >> what we do, we gleam mostly from backyard. today, we are looking at a glean of about 6400 pounds. that's incredible. my husband and i grew up in pixley. my parents worked in the field. i had family members that died at very young ages due to chronic diseases like diabetes. those of you that are high
8:44 am
school students. looking at these issues, we are deciding how do we provide our resources for our community and home? we have a component in our garden that is a u-pick area. some fruits and vegetables. we try to teach how to use what we are growing. >> peach and cucumber. >> i want to grow old and i want to grow old in a healthy way. i want that for everybody. >> that a girl, sarah. great work. this year, ramirez and her group have already donated more than 20,000 pounds to produce to those in need. >> we honor a new cnn hero and a person making a big, big difference if you want to get in, this is how you do it. >> let me tell you, john, go to cnn from you would like to nominate someone you know who is doing great work.
8:45 am
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>> four weeks after malaysian flight 370 disappeared, the surface below surface. the pinger locator trying to detect sounds from up to two nautical miles away, around the clock with no break. >> this is assuming the beacons are still emitting a signal at all. the batteries could be dead or it could be malfunctioning. there is also dating in the search an underwater robot ready to search the seabed for wreckage if the ping locator picks up a signal. there is a chance they could be looking in the wrong area. searchers are making educated guesses. >> we have not searched everywhere where the aircraft might have gone. we are concentrating in an area that above the surface, meanwhile, 14 planes in the air,
8:50 am
nine ships in the water searching the area. some thousand miles off the coast of western australia. >> cnn's will ripley is near perth. he has more on the conditions being faced by these teams. >> reporter: after a day of clear weather, we are now starting to see some light rain just off the coast of western australia. and the weather about 1,000 miles from here in the search zone, we're told, has been similar. relatively calm seas, which was good for search crews today, because they weren't distracted by those white caps on the waves. white caps that can easily be mistaken for possible debris floating in the water. even though the visual search is now over for the day and these planes from a number of different countries are flying back to peers air base in perth, we know the s.o.n.a.r. is going to be active 24/7. their u.s. navy towed pinger locater behind the "ocean shield" is under water listening for any signal from flight 370. but the possible is, with all
8:51 am
that sophisticated technology, the tpl, the submarine in place and then the ship that's using s.o.n.a.r. equipment as well, all that technology is just fine, but it needs a more narrow search area than what we have right now. the search area needs to be about 100 times smaller for this technology to effectively locate possible debris. and those are answers we simply don't have right now. >> will ripley, off the coast of perth in australia. ahead at this hour, our viewers have been tweeting, you the viewers tweeting questions about the missing plane. we'll put those questions to our experts to answer right after the break. at your ford dealer think? they think about tires. and what they've been through lately. polar vortexes, road construction, and gaping potholes. so with all that behind you, you might want to make sure you're safe and in control. ford technicians are ready to find the right tires for your vehicle. get up to $120 in mail-in rebates on four select tires when you use the ford service credit card
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at the big tire event. see what the ford experts think about your tires. at your ford dealer. testify
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8:54 am
. so much unknown in the search for flight 370. and a lot of you tweeting us questions. >> we're back here to answer them. mary, want to start with you. before we get to those questions from our viewers, we know today
8:55 am
that the news was that families were denied their request to hear the recordings from the cockpit to the air traffic control. they really wanted to hear those voices for themselves. they were denied that request. i want you to answer if that is standard operating procedure and investigation. and also i know that you feel that oftentimes the families can aid in recognizing voices on those recordings. >> that's right. it's not standard operating procedure. and, in fact, the united states, air traffic control tapes and correspondents are considered public record. they're released right away. in fact, you can apply the freedom of information act and get them. it's the cockpit voice recording that the actual voices are protect protected. and it takes a court order to use those in court. but the transcript on the cdr only is released. and yes, it's very important for people to listen. there are experts that make their living by interpreting what's those on tapes. many times, the public can hear. and by the way, the pilot and co pilot's family would be able to identify their voices so there
8:56 am
wouldn't be any mystery. >> questions we're getting from viewers, one a lot of people asking. if the plane went down in the water, why didn't the elt, saltwater emergency beacons, why did they not activate and signal the plane's position? this plane, we think, had at least two of them. >> well, you know, the problem is that in many, many cases, these things just don't work. and they should, but the fact that there is no evidence doesn't mean there is an absence of evidence. or i should say an absence of evidence is not an evidence of absence. so they just often are unreliable. might be as simple as that. it was broken. >> i think you want to take executive privilege. >> that is my executive privilege. you took executive executive privilege. >> okay. i didn't know my executive usurped. back to twitter. mary, a lot of people are wondering why not every resource was scam belled immediately. if you were asked, when the plane first turned around, why didn't they scramble a few jets. it was on military radar.
8:57 am
>> well, people might be surprised to know after september 11, 2001, that pretty much every day some plane strays off course. people go astray. it's private planes get lost, if you will. they put the wrong frequency in and people can't reach them. it happens all of the time. and we don't -- very rarely do we or other nations scramble jets, because most of the time it's just somebody literally lost in the hertz or messing up. >> well, scrambling jets is one thing, jeff, but this seems to be one of the biggest missed opportunities in this whole mystery. which is why didn't malaysia first act when they saw this actual radar blip tracking across their screen. why didn't thailand act when they saw this blip tracking across their screen. and then, of course, the whole question of indonesia. we don't know what they saw or didn't see, because they're not telling anybody. but they certainly didn't take action if they did see something. >> no matter where the plane went, there are at least four countries that it traversed the military radar system.
8:58 am
and it's not like these people aren't watching their radars. in 2012, an american flying a private plane who was sort of bumbling about, he got intercepted by two sue could i jets. they are able to detect these things. >> i've had people ask on twitter, are the malaysians embarrassed, mary? do you think they're hiding something because they're simply embarrassed they didn't react more quickly to these signs? >> oh, i think so. i think they're probably embarrassed. and they're concerned that the world may not think that they're on top of it or that they're vulnerable. and besides now that we have all the discussion whether or not this is a criminal act and we have no evidence that it is, but, you know, then the nations have to be wary of copy cats. and what -- and people who want to emulate and people might think, hmmm, that's an interesting plan. so the first -- the first event is, you know, an eye-opener, but the second event are people out there who want to do a me-too. >> yeah. a me-too. really quickly, mary, we've
8:59 am
talked about this, about compensation, families will receive. they wanted to know, one of the viewers wanted to know if the same rates would apply regardless of the deceased nationality. does it depend, nation to nation. >> well, there are a lot of different variations on that rule. and sometimes it depends where the plane goes down. for example, in the united states, if it goes down in virginia, they apply the law of virginia. if it goes down in new york, they apply the law of the place of residence. usually on an international flight, it's where the person resided and sometimes where the plane crashed. and that's kind of the rule of thumb. so if one nation is generous and that's where they reside, they will have far more generous compensation. and it does depend on how much you make, who you support. you know, the circumstances of your family. >> mary schiavo, jeff weise, always interesting to hear what people are asking. >> and thank you to you for participating in this conversation with us. thank you for joining us also at this hour.
9:00 am
michaela pereira, have a great weekend. >> i'm john berman. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. can we do the bump thing? >> oh, i see how it is. -- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it is friday, april the 4th and welcome to "legal view." at this very hour,el can four weeks ago, 239 people were about to take off from kuala lumpur, malaysia, on a state-of-the-art wide-bodied jet bound for beijing. but malaysia airlines flight 370 never arrived at its destination. and four agonizing weeks later, that is one of the very few things that we know for certain. today for the very first time, the search for flight 370 went under the surface of the southern indian ocean as the australian navy ship "ocean shield" arrived with its american tpl-25,


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